the king of the golden river

글쓴이: john ruskin 출판사: YBM Si-sa

this book is written in English. This book features words that are easily interpreted. this story is popular in Korean too.  I know this story by reading the original book before I read this book. The plot of this book is start The Three Brothers, the Owner of the Golden River. Their names are Hans and Schwarz, Gluck the two older brothers. Hans and Schwarz are very greedy persons but Gluck have a good disposition. One day the king of the golden river told them “If you climb a mountain and drop three drops of holy water at the beginning of the Golden River, the river will turn golden only for him.” to say that and three brothers begin to climb towards the beginning of the Golden River in the Mountain. Hans meets a dog, a child, and an old man who is dried up while he is going up with holy water, but he does not water anyone, and Hans becomes a stone. Schwarz also meets the king of the Golden River, who looks like Hans, on his way up the mountain with holy water, and neither gives him a sip of water, making him a stone. Lastly as he climbs, he gives water to the elderly, children, and dogs, and the king of the Golden River, who turned into a puppy, comes out to water him by saying, “When the water loses its value, it is not holy water.” He actually drops water into the river, but the mountain does not come out, and the valley of treasure returns. What I felt in the book was mercy. have what is precious to oneself you let him lose value without being able to share it, it’s like something you don’t need.

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